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Are you looking for Leather Mugs, "Tricorn Hats", other hats from the Colonial/Revolutionary War Period, or Cavalier and Pirate Hats? Then you've come to the right website!

Blackleaf Leather Mugs are specifically designed for Outdoor / Action Theater, Reenactments, Renaissance Faires. They're built with swordfighters, jousters, and high falling stuntmen in mind.

We have many styles available, including historically inspired mugs that hold hot and cold liquids. Starting this year (2010) historically accurate pitch lined leather mugs.

Our mugs are individually crafted from hand picked leather, walnut, cherry, oak (just to name a few)

In the hot/cold mugs we use a restuarant grade plastic that conforms to the inside of the mug and from afar emulates wax or pitch.

(No Machines are used in the construction of our hats)
Our hats are crafted from USA made heavy weight wool felt.

We have many styles to choose from including Revolutinary War Tricorns, Cocked and Round Hats, Colonial Civilian Hats, Swashbuckling Pirate Hats, Cavalier Hats, and Beyond.

Each hat is steamed, shaped, and Stitched By Hand

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